For more than 15 years, driven by curiosity and an appetite to learn, I have been designing and developing web and app experiences both for employers and directly to clients. 

The nearly 5 years before, I listen to and helped customers of AOL in various customer service roles, including tech support. I started to notice patterns of frustration and confusion the customers where having. It started to occur to me that the customers, unbeknownst to them, knew more than anyone what is needed to bring value to the product. 

Beliefs and Values

Having well defined and attainable goals not only helps us to progress but they also allow us to be focused and ready for any challenge that may confront us. 

If our customers’ or users’ problems are addressed, the business will have fewer problems to concern itself with and will rise above the competition.


2019 for me has been a time of exploring my next career move. Recharged and maybe slightly smarter (or not), I am ready for my next chapter.


I feel strongly that the more education you can obtain, the more ready you will be to deal with the challenges life and career will present us. 

I worked for several years in the web industry with only tech school training. After being laid-off, as a result of the 2009 recession, I went back to school where I earned two full bachelor degrees: a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Communications, and a Bachelor of Integrated Studies consisting of Art, Computer Science, and Network Technology & Business Multimedia both from Weber State University in Ogden Utah. I later followed up with a Master of Science in Human-Computer Interaction from DePaul University in Chicago.